How to Win A Survivor Pool
It's already time for college bowls! You can DELETE the games you don't like. Here's how you do it:
  • (1) Hit the CREATE COLLEGE BOWL POOL button
  • (2) Choose your options
  • (3) Go to your personal page
  • (4) If you want to use ALL the bowl games, you are done here.
  • (5) Go to the Game Runner Menu
  • (6) Hit the "Override Point Spreads, Override Tie Breaker, or Delete Certain Games" Link
  • (7) Select the Delete Certain Games radio button (if you want to remove any games.
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Remember, use your personal page whenever possible, this main menu is just to get started...

This is the original football pool site (since the 90's), and we have more custom options than any other site. We support regular pick-alls, point spreads (or no point spreads), bonus points for picking the underdog, survivor pools, confidence pools, "best bet" (which is kind of a special type of confidence pool), "pick 5": where your players just make 5 picks each week (or any number: it's configurable), vistor/home format for favorite/dog format for "show picks", scoring on point difference plus spread, over/under picks, handing of ties (doesn't happen too often but it will suprise you sometimes!), teasers, various kinds of bonus points. We also have a "points pool" where your players start out with a certain number of "points", and they can "bet" a certain amount of points on games. The options are too many to list here!

Everyone has all these fancy NFL score listings, it's hard to get a simple dump of the NFL scores, spreads, and matchups! Luckily in our football pool you can get a simple table listing of all the NFL scores and spreads for any week here: NFL Matchups, Scores, Spreads, and Over/Unders

Here is a video on how to create a college football pool: How to create an online college football pool
We now have a video with an overview of how the site is used on youtube, you can see it here: Football Pool Overview Video

NEW FEATURE: If you are looking for a football pool to join, or you are a game runner and need new members, I have now set up a forum. This forum isn't that great, I need a better one, but this is a quicky I set up for now: Pool-Connections Forum

Football Pool Information: Contact me at for more information.

Many people are interested in what the most common NFL Top Score is, so here is a chart from 2010: Top NFL Scores for 2010

We are one of the few football pool sites to support over/under picks. You can have just 1 over/under pick each week, or you can set it up to have an over/under pick for each game.

NCAA College football pool: we support a college football pool, or you can mix college games and NFL games together in your pool. You are in control! You can bring in ALL the college games, or just pick a subset of the games - maybe the top teams plus a few smaller teams your players are interested in.
Disclaimer: provides the online football pool software for the purposes of private entertainment only. does not promote the conduct of illegal or professional gambling, and will not condone the use of its web site for any such purpose. If your pool costs money to join and awards prizes, it may be considered illegal gambling in some jurisdictions. It is your responsibility to determine that your pool is legal in the jurisdictions of every participant. If your pool is not legal for every participant, then you may not use to host your pool. BY CREATING A FOOTBALL POOL ON THIS WEBSITE, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT Y0UR POOL IS LEGAL FOR EVERY PARTICIPANT IN EVERY JURISDICTION THEY PARTICIPATE FROM.

Free Football Pool

If you have just 1 to 5 players, that should not be too much of a load on the system as far as bandwidth, CPU usage or disk space. So we have decided to make it a FREE football pool if you have just 1 to 5 players.

WE NOW HAVE A HOCKEY POOL! You can try out this new NHL pool here:


  • Set up your pool using the Setup New Football Pool option
  • Choose a preaseason week that already has scores. I've left all these pools "open" to make picks.
  • Put in some picks for yourself. You could also put in some picks for future players
  • Check the picks using the Show Picks option from the main menu
  • Go to the Game Runner Menu and run Calculate Winners
  • The Overall Winners and Weekly Winners Reports should now reflect the expected results. Your test is complete.
  • Use the Reset Your Pool option from the Game Runner menu to reset the scores before the regular season starts


  • If you are starting after the beginning of the regular season, you can use the Update Players option from the Game Runner Menu to set the beginning total points for each player in your pool

Email me at if you have any questions. I'm deep into updating these programs, so now is the time for requests!!! I've got some cool options that are being added... More info to follow...

If you have questions, email me at .

If you've ever run an office football pool, you know it's a big pain in the neck! You've got to get the games and point spreads out of the paper, type in the games, print out the pick sheets, collect them, get the scores each week, calculate who won, and keep statistics!

You can buy a program to do it, but the problem with those is, you've still got to input everyone's picks into the program! Unless you somehow can get a computer set up on a network where everyone can put in their own picks.

With CASTLE64.COM's OFFICE FOOTBALL POOL, it's EASY! Everyone has access to the Web (right?), so everyone can put in their own picks! They can do it at their leisure right from home or... um... even at work... (Watch out for the IT Nazis monitoring your usage...). The games and point spreads are all entered for you! The players enter their own picks. Each week, CASTLE64.COM puts in the actual scores, and the program calculates the winners. Full statistics are kept. And what do you have to do? NOTHING!


  • Many people try another online pool, and end up giving up: because they can't get the software to do what they want it to!!! I will MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU!
  • We specialize in custom requirements. I'll do programming for you at an incredibly cheap rate.
  • Our goal here is to have an online football pool that is easy, fun, and most of all ACTUALLY WORKS!!!
  • Contact with your custom requirements. I bet we can accomodate you!
  • Try our pool free for up to 5 players. If you like it, then you can order the product for just 50 cents per player (in addition to your free 5 players). If it doesn't meet your expectations, then just do nothing, there is no obligation.

Free Trial

  • You can run the football pool for FREE for up to 5 players, as long as you want. This is how you can try it out. Once you find out whether, hopefully, the program meets your needs, after that it's 50 cents per player, or even cheaper if you take advantage of our yearly "early bird special".

You can set up your football pool now!!!. You don't have to pay the fee right away. So you can try it out and see how you like it. Payments will not be due until the 3rd week of football season! The sooner the better though, so as not to take any chance of interruption of service.

I am open to modifications and improvements to the system. I've got the basic football pool set up, like the one I ran for years at Goodyear. However, you may have special needs. If I can modify the program easily enough, it's possible that I can add your requested enhancements. Email me at with your ideas/requests.

NO GRAPHICS??? Some people wonder why we have no graphics on the web site. The reason is, graphics are useless!!!. They just slow down the time it takes to load the page. We'd rather get right to business. The only exception is that we will be having some graphics in certain reports (so they look nicer when you print them out).

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