Order your Football Pool!

You can order your pool under the Early Bird Special and get a discount of up to 30 percent!

In order to process your order, you need to set up your pool first using Setup New Football Pool on the main menu. That way we can link your order directly to your pool. However, if you want to order now and set up your pool later, you can also do that: just select haven't set up pool yet from the drop-down. Note: if you DO use the haven't set up pool yet option, be sure and send an email to craigh01@gmail.com and let me know which pool you ordered!

Select pool to order:

Select your Early Bird Special Option:

Remember, these are the out-the-door prices for the whole pool. These are not per-player prices, this is the price for the whole kit and kaboodle! Once you select your Early-Bird Special option, you will be brought to another screen where you will actualy order.