Free Printable NFL Pick Sheets


Printable Pick Sheets


One of the most requested features at our football pool site is the ability to print pick sheets. This can be used even if you are not running your pool at (or our sister site,

I looked at some of the other free printable pick sheet sites, and their printout is not very pretty, not configurable, and it has a whole bunch of advertisments on it.

Our printable NFL pick sheets are kind of pretty (we print the NFL helmets next to the teams), and also configurable: you can decide whether or not to print point spreads, you can add college games, you can print it in Visitor/Home format OR you can use Fav/Dog (favorite/underdog) format.

To print your pick sheets, just click here:

Printable Pick Sheets



Printable college football pool pick sheets


We also have the college football games that you can print the pick sheets for. You use the same program, just tell it to print pick sheets for college instead of for NFL games.

Run your football pool at!

You should also consider running your football pool at It makes it so much easier than collecting everyones pick sheets, putting them into a spreadsheet, and running your calculations. Just think what you could do with the extra time saved! You might say, "my pool is too complicated, no web sites can handle my rules". Give us a try!. I'll bet you 2-to-1 odds that we have options that handle your rules. If not, I can do custom programming to supoort your rules! You can set up your pool and try it out for free by going to the main menu below, and hitting "Create Football Pool":

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