The two main rules to win a survivor pool

Here are my rules I've developed over the years to win in a survivor pool! This has been years in the making, by trial and error.
  1. NEVER PICK A VISITOR. No matter what! In the early games, you never pick a visitor, even if the visiting team is favored by large amount. This is where upsets happen! This is where lots of people get kicked off at once! (Note: in the later games, this rule is void. This is only used in the early games. If you have survived with just a few people, then you may at times need to pick a visitor in the later stages).
  2. DON'T "SAVE" TEAMS This is a "clever" strategy used by a lot of people. So, early on, they avoid picking one of the best teams that is heavily favored. They "save" that team for later. So, say New England is the favorite this year. New England is favored over the browns by 12 points. They don't pick that, they "save" New England for later. This strategy usually leads to disaster! Don't save teams. Just stay alive. This means, in the early games, just pick the home team favored by the most points.
Again, these two rules only apply to the early games. In the later stages, when you are fighting against just a few other people, the rules go out the window and you try anything to be the last man standing!

Note: these rules only apply to survivor pools that don't involve point spreads. I've never heard of a survivor pool that does use point spreads, so it shouldn't be an issue. But if there was a survivor pool that did take point spreads into account, it would become pretty much just random picking. I don't see how it would work, because if you are trying to pick a team that must beat the spread, people would get knocked out too quick. It would be over in 2 weeks. So I don't think this happens. But if anyone does do it this way, please let me know!

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